Goodbye, Chromium.
Hexavalent chromium Cr(VI), a known toxin and carcinogen, is banned in many countries and fields of use, and yet it's been part of your coating system for decades. We know that finding a suitably durable replacement has been a decades-long endeavor for the world's top coatings researchers. With increased use of lighter aluminum alloys to reduce fuel consumption and drag, and more pressure to eliminate Cr(VI), a chromium-free coating that can lead the way in manufacturing and maintenance is of foremost importance. If you haven't explored the possibilities of our cutting-edge magnesium-rich primers, now is the time.

MG-RICH PRIMERS FOR ALUMINUM 2024, 7075, 6061, 5052

Elinor is proud to be the first and only company offering Aluma45-MTM Mg-RP, a new generation of primer for aluminum that capitalizes on advances in magnesium-based technology.

Using Elinor's Aluma45-MTM Mg-RP will increase ship readiness through its long lasting protection and allow longer periods between maintenance cycles while eliminating the toxic work conditions and long-term hazmat storage dilemmas of Cr(IV) for your company or command unit.

It's time to retire the high cost, headaches and health risks of chromium-based primers and commit to a new safer, more efficient and economical way of doing business.

All aluminum alloys corrode, especially in harsh sea water conditions. Leaving your ship exposed to the elements without proper protection is costly, unsightly and potentially dangerous.

Protect your investment, your workers and your environment with Aluma45-MTM Mg-RP.

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Is your aluminum ship showing signs of corrosion, damage, wear and tear? Keep it in top condition and reduce maintenance time with Aluma45-MTM.

Mg-Rich Primer

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This primer is a high-performance industrial coating formulated for aluminum alloy automotive and land vehicle manufacturing and custom paint jobs. 

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