Magnesium alloys are the lightest structural metal available with an excellent weight-to-strength ratio, making them desirable in lightweight designs in aerospace or fuel-efficient vehicles. However, magnesium is particularly prone to corrosion. MagnaShieldTM is a durable oven-cured low-VOC phenolic-based resin sealer formulated specifically for anodized magnesium components. 


The surface of anodized magnesium components tends to be porous and needs to be sealed with highly durable and chemical-resistant material.  

New magnesium alloys are constantly being developed to be more corrosion-resistant, but protecting all magnesium alloys with MagnaShield
is still critical to the performance and lifetime of the component.

This durable, chemical-resistant coating has an affordable price that will give you bigger profit margins and manageable inventory control. It is available in the quantity you need when you need it, eliminating costly storage and wait times when you're most crunched for space and time.

MagnaShieldTM is a one component ready-to-spray sealer compatible with most primer systems. 

Made in the U.S.A.

Contact us for more information on purchasing MagnaShieldTM.

If you have or are exploring new magnesium alloys in your process, you need to consider MagnaShield
TM  surface sealer before priming and painting. 
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