Elinor solves problems in coatings-related markets through innovative technology transfer and in-house scientific research and development. 
We are addressing a challenge in maintenance and preservation of historical works of art and decorative metal architecture around the world through BronzeShield™. We're listening to industry when they tell us they need more affordable American-made solutions to their manufacturing supply chain, like our MagnaShield™ for magnesium components.  And we're working with manufacturers in the industries of transportation (automotive, shipbuilding) to provide the latest, greatest, and safest hexavalent chromium-free mg-rich primers available with Aluma45.   

New products are always in development based on the demand and needs of our customers and our ever-changing world. We concentrate on our specialty coatings: invented or developed by us in collaboration with industry and research leaders for your particular need.
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Chief Technical Officer
Elinor Specialty Coatings
1854 NDSU Research Circle N
Fargo ND 58102 USA



Elinor is based in the upper Midwest of the United States near the oldest and one of the most innovative coatings programs in the world at North Dakota State University (Fargo, North Dakota). 

In the midst of a booming energy, industry, technology and manufacturing region, we welcome your business and invite you to share in our success. All products are manufactured, packaged and shipped from the U.S.A.
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